Band Boosters Fundraising

An important and beneficial part of the total band experience is the opportunity to work together and earn the funds needed to support the Band Program as a whole and help us each with our “Fair Share” financial commitment. From this the student learns the necessity to make the money to support his/her activities, budget for the contributions as well as to work together with other Band members and parents. The team building that goes on during these fundraising experiences supports the close working group that the band must be in order to perform up to its high standards. If fully utilized, there are enough fundraisers to provide opportunity for every student and parent to fulfill all financial obligations to the Band Program. As stated above, it is the responsibility of the parent and/or student to fulfill all financial obligations to the Band according to the schedule. Any questions regarding the status of your Student Account should be directed to the Treasurer of the OHS Band Booster organization.

Follow the link below to learn more about fundraising opportunities that are available to you:


Fundraising Notes

Parents/Guardians are responsible for paying for any unsold fund-raising goods not turned in by the deadline. The treasurer will assess a charge for returned checks.  No credit will be given on fundraisers until the money is turned in by the student and/or parent or paid by the vendor to the Band Boosters. No credit will be given for fundraisers if money and/or unsold goods are not turned in within the fundraiser deadline. Returned checks do not count as payment. Expected, projected, or hoped-for credits do not count whatsoever and are not an excuse or justification for delinquency.

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