Band News 2/13/2015

I want to begin by giving a shout out to our Winter Guards. Both the Varsity and JV Guards will be competing again this weekend near Atlanta in the Mill Creek High School Winter Classic. They are off to a great start to their season and look forward to much success.

Our concert bands are all doing extremely well. Please encourage your child/children to practice at home. We are doing three concert ensembles and performing lots of difficult music, so they must practice on their own. Thanks for your help!

I want to inform you of funds provided by Commissioner Bankston and former Commissioner Henry (before he left office) to purchase some new band instruments. As you may have heard or seen in the newspaper, there has been much discussion concerning our commissioners’ discretionary funds. Our commissioners have been very generous through the years in their support for our band program. They have helped us purchase equipment and instruments, and have helped pay for scholarships and special events for our band. These were funds we would have gotten no other way and demonstrated the support we had from our County Commissioners. Please know that these funds were changed this year and are now tied to bond monies and must be spent on things that will last ten to fifteen years. Again, this is money we desperately need and equipment we could not purchase otherwise. This is important for you to know, so you may lend your support for the commissioners keeping these funds. If you go online and look up how the commissioners have spent most of their funds, you will see it is on schools or school programs, community youth organizations, and/or community organizations. In any case, they provide funds that these organization need and would not receive without the commissioners’ support.

I have attached the Band Summer/Fall Schedule for 2015 . As always, the fall schedule may change a little as we see how the band is developing, but the summer schedule is set. Please ensure that your child is at the scheduled camps and rehearsals. This is extremely important to our success! Also, please see the Fall Band Camp dates. This will be very important to the end of our season!

I want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone who still has a balance on their band fees to please get these paid. We want to end the year strong and be able to move into next year in a good financial position. You honoring your obligation is imperative in making this happen.

Thanks so much for all your help and support. We could not do all the things we do in our program without the amazing support of our band booster club! Thank you!

All the Best,