2017-2018 Colorguard

Welcome to the OHS Colorguard. We are looking forward to a great year. We want to give you an overview of this coming year and things that will be required and needed.

Colorguard Mom

Michele Bailey  (423) 653-5409
Call or email the Colorguard Mom with any questions or concerns. Her responsibilities are to be there for the girls, communicate with parents, assist the colorguard instructors, and represent the guard on the Band Booster Board.


There will be a Facebook group created for the 2017-2018 school year. We invite everyone to join the group and stay connected. We will also send out text messages and emails with needed information.

Band Camps

  • June 12-15      8am-6pm
  • July 10-13       8am-8:30pm
  • July 17-20       8am-5pm

Dress: Athletic clothes (something easy to move in)
Bring lots of WATER!!! (we suggest purchasing a large refillable water jug)
Bring lunch and snacks for the day and bring sunscreen

Stretching attire: Before practice, the girls do a lot of stretching which puts them into revealing positions. Therefore, they need to wear yoga pants, leggings, pajama pants or very long shorts over their shorts they will practice in. They will remove the pants when they begin their practice.

Additional items not included in band fees and approximate cost and time is needed:

  • Warmups – $155 (warmup jacket, pants, shirt, shorts & backpack) Information on how to order will be given at the May Band Booster Meeting
  • Shoes – approximately $50 – will size and order during Band Camp
  • If guard does not perform in costume, they will wear a solid black shirt and black yoga pants (pants should be some type of stretch material) – You will need to purchase these on your own by August. This is what they will wear if the costumes are not ready.
  • Hair Bows- $8-10 bows are purchased for the team to wear at events & games.
  • Duffle Bag – They will need some type of bag for their stuff.
  • Show costume – additional items are needed in addition to just the “costume”. These have not been determined yet, and they will need make up.
  • Black Electrical Tape to tape flags.
  • T-shirts/Sweatshirts- throughout the year the squad will design and sale t-shirts and sweatshirts for purchase they are not required but available if you would like to purchase.
  • Miscellaneous items may be needed throughout year depending on the event. Examples are team snack boxes when traveling to competitions.

We will need parents to help with different things. So be willing and able to help as needed.