and GoodShop

GoodSearch is a search engine set up to help charitable organizations raise much needed funds by just searching the internet as most of us do many times a day. Go to, follow the directions and get GoodSearch as a search engine. Then set it as your default engine. Every time you search with GoodSearch, 1 cent is contributed to our band. If enough of us sign up and we get 300 searches a day for a full year, the band can receive $1,095.

How many times do you search the internet? On the GoodSearch site, you can find GoodShop. When shopping the internet go to GoodShop and find the store that you want to make an order. Almost all of the major stores you can think of are listed. Once you find your store, there may be a valuable coupon to click on to save you even more. Once you click on the link to your store on GoodShop, you will find that you have been directed to the same site that you always use for that store. You do nothing else and a small percentage of your order will be contributed to OHSBB. Both GoodSearch and GoodShop are small amounts each time, but they add up for our band and cost you nothing. Please make your search engine today