Nashville Trip Itinerary

Band Parents and Students,

I am so proud of our band program!  Receiving this recognition for the Governor and Legislature is truly an amazing experience for the band!  Please know that I recognize it would have ALL been impossible with your support!  Without you, the school community, and our generous supporters, we could never do any of the amazing things we get to do!

I encourage every student that went to Macy’s to go on Monday.  An itinerary for the trip is attached for you to download/print. All of the faculty is aware of this amazing opportunity for our band members and will support our students. This is something that only happens once in a lifetime and doesn’t happen at all for most people.  I have sent emails to both the middle school principals and have spoken with Miss Coats (she is going with us) and Mr. Miller about getting the eighth (8th) graders excuses.

Please ensure all band members are wearing their OHS Band warm-up with the Macy’s Show shirt and black socks and shoes.  High School Concert Band members should bring their All black concert attire in case we have the opportunity for pictures.

The students will need some meal monies.
Thanks you again for all you do!