All-State East Audition Results

Band Members and Parents,

I have listed below the All-State East audition results. I am very proud of our band members’ efforts and your support.

All-State East Audition results: there are two bands in each of the grade levels (9/10 and 11/12 – Blue is the highest and Red is the second band.)
11/12 Bands

Flutes –
Katie George – 2nd Chair Blue – All-State
Abbey Mammen – Alternate
Cassidy Mullis – Alternate

Oboe –
Jeneil Patel – Alternate

Bassoon –
Julie Edwards – 7th Chair Blue

Clarinets –
Kelcy Brenner – 15th Chair Blue
Nikole Espinoza – Alt.
Patrick Cuttle – Alt.

Bass Clarinets –
Milan Makwana – 3rd Chair Blue – 1st Alternate – All-State
Madesyn Forrest – Alt.

French Horns –
Josh Godzwa – 6th Chair Red

Trumpets –
Darbi Flaherty – 3rd Chair Blue – All-State
Adam Brooks – 1st Alt.
Nathan Steves – 2nd Alt.
Nolan Palus – Alt.

Trombones –
Mitch Cotter – 2nd Chair Blue – All-State
Yaki Paramo – 1st Chair – Red

Noah Cuttle – 3rd Chair Red

Tuba –
Braden Bush – Alt.

Percussion –
Jack Moreland – Alt.
9/10 Bands

Flutes –
Millan Tran – 7th Red
Calista Barker – 13th Red
Maddy Waddell – Alt.

Clarinets –
Kaylee Meisheid – 20th Red
Grace Clark – 23rd Red
Nykira Faber – Alt.

Tenor Sax –
Alex Phillips – Alt.

French Horns –
Sarah McHone – 1st Red
Aleena Weatherly – 8th Red
Eddie Griffith – 1st Alt.

Trumpet –
Alec Brenner – 6th Red

Baritone –
Miles DePrimo – 1st Alt.

Congratulations again to all the band members who were selected for the clinic. All 9-11 band members should begin practicing tomorrow for next year’s auditions. Don’t wait! Learn all your scales and practice sight-reading.

Mr. D