Band Announcements – week of 11/11/2013

Hello Band Parents!

Well, it is Monday of one of the biggest weeks of the year for our band program.  In two weeks from today, we will be in New York City!  Every day leading up to our departure on Sunday, November 24, gets more important.

This week we will be on our traditional band rehearsal schedule:

  • Monday – 2:45-4:30
  • Tuesday – 2:45-5:00
  • Wednesday – 2:45-4:30 (Concert band Only!)
  • Thursday – 2:45-5:00
  • Friday – Report time is 5:00.  Band will wear exactly what we wore last Friday – Tux Uniform with the band warm-up jacket.  Please ensure your child wears something under their tux uniform to help keep them warm!

Please remember our MANDATORY (REQUIRED) Band Booster meeting tomorrow evening at 7:00 in the OHS Commons.  I look forward to seeing everyone and sharing exciting news about our trip and other activities.  Please also be prepared to take care of your outstanding account balances.

This Friday night promises to be the biggest football game in Ooltewah history!  We expect a crowd of 10,000+ for the game.  We plan to have three concession stands. We must have all hands on deck!  Please be prepared to help in the concession and to help clean the stands after the game.  Last week, we were shorthanded on this.  I have never had the band stay and help clean up after the game, but if we don’t have enough parent help that is what will be needed this Friday night.  Please come support your child and help with this game.

I appreciate so much all the efforts and support we have had this season and especially with preparing for our Macy’s trip.  The costume committee has done a marvelous job of making us look amazing.  The staff has worked tirelessly to help prepare the band for this once in a lifetime experience.  Thanks to everyone who has played a role in helping us this year!  You continue to be the BEST band booster organization in the nation!