BOA Atlanta Itinerary

Click to see the Bands of America Atlanta Regional 2014 Itinerary

Due to the restrictive schedule and limited areas around the arena, it will be necessary for the band members to purchase lunch and dinner.  To expedite this process, Keith Hays has contacted Chick-fil-A for a late breakfast/early lunch.  The cost will be $6.00 per student, but will provide them with a great meal before our afternoon performance.  As the itinerary states, if we are in Finals the band will eat dinner on their own in the stadium.  Since Bands of America now charges for reentry at Super Regionals if a band does not make finals, we will depart after prelims if we are not selected and eat dinner on the way home.

We will need much help again on Saturday to move our pit and props to the stadium.  I hope many of you will come to help and cheer us on.