Car Wash Funding Change

Please remember we have 2 car washes this weekend ,Saturday @ FSG Bank on Lee Hwy from 9-1 and Sunday @ Brookside Plaza across from Imagination Station from 12-4. If you can, bring some car washing soap. It would be greatly appreciated.

As a result of concerns brought up during the meeting on 6/17, we will be making a change in the way the car wash funds are done. If you are a returning band member, you will be required to sell $75 in car wash tickets and not the previous $150. This will all go to the general fund for the band. Should you not sell the full amount you will be charged the difference back. If you are a new student, you will still be required to sell $150 in tickets. This will cover your warm ups, summer attire, and the backpack. This package is required as it is considered the band uniform. It is of good quality, and with care, should last your student their high school career. If you do not raise the full amount, you will be charged the difference to pay for the warm up package.

Please understand that about 40% of the band’s operating budget comes from the band fees. We depend on fund raising to help cover the rest. That is why we need everyone on board. We are trying to support our kids and give them the best band experience possible. They will get to do things in the Ooltewah Band and Colorguard that no other school around does. That is all due to the students and parents that went before us. Catch your child’s enthusiasm and passion for music and the band, and you will have a great time sharing in it together!

Keith Hays
OHSBB President