Staples and Office Depot Rewards

How easy can it be to help the band raise money. When shopping at Office Depot and Staples through out the year, please tell the cashier to credit the Ooltewah High School Band Booster’s reward account. Give them the band room phone number 423-238-9586 as the account number. Nothing will be charged to you, but OHSBB will benefit.

At Staples, OHSBB can continue to be a premier customer if we have over $1,000 a year spent on the reward number. This doubles the number of ink cartridges we can turn in each month and receive $40 instead of $20. It also qualifies for additional savings they send out monthly to premier customers.

At Office Depot, we only receive rebates for ink cartridges up to the dollar amount spent on our reward account. At both stores purchases of ink cartridges, paper and copy services can provide us even greater rebates. You spend what you intended to spend, give the reward number 423-238-9586 and OHSBB gets rebates to purchase needed supplies.